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Ted Baker Pixiee Shearling Leather Cross Body Bag

I know my blog is mainly based on beauty but I made a recent fashion/accessory purchase and had to share it! When it comes to things like bags and clothing it pains me to spend a lot because I always feel guilty afterwards for some reason but after Christmas I decided to delve into the sales and buy the bag of my dreams! I had seen this bag long before and fell in love with it but it was so expensive that I just couldn't see myself paying that much for a bag. But on Boxing Day I saw it in the sales with quite a substantial chunk reduced from it and, me being me, thought it must have been fate so I got it! It is from Ted Baker which has to be my most loved designer brand ever! They have the loveliest packaging and products and everything I have from them is perfect! This is the Pixiee Shearling Leather Cross Body Bag and it is stunning! I love everything about it and I am completely obsessed!

I ordered online so the packaging may be different to instore but all of Ted Baker's products are packaged so carefully and beautifully. As it was still the Christmas, the box that it came in had a Christmas theme but from previous orders I know that the original Ted Baker boxes are green with a red stamped sticker securing it. The box that I received was so cute! It had a polar bear on the front and a really pretty galaxy background with the brand's Christmas slogan 'The North Pole Dancer' on the front with the same red sticker securing as normal. As all Ted bags do, it came in a cream coloured dust bag as protection with a purple logo on the front and ribbon to tie. This dust bag comes in an additional plastic bag as well. And then, the bag. When I got the box I was literally screaming, laughing and almost crying because I was so excited and then when I saw the bag I couldn't contain myself! I had to give myself a couple of minutes to calm down because I got a little too excited!

The bag has so much detailing and they have everything down to a T. It is real Leather with a Shearling trim around the top. At each side of the bag is a different finish which looks like suede but I'm not completely sure what it is. The main opening of the bag is covered in the Shearling and it is so soft and furry which is just gorgeous! On the front of this fur is a rectangular gold plate with Ted Baker engraved onto it and a textured base. One thing that I really love about this bag is the closing. It has a magnetic closure which is really useful and quite secure at the same time. The size of the bag is perfect for me as it isn't as big as a tote and it isn't as small as a clutch. It is just big enough for me to fit all of my essentials in and it has so many compartments for me to put them in! The main area of the bag has three sections of storage; a zip for any valuables such as your phone or money, the open part and the other smaller part which can be for any bits and bobs! The final section is the front envelope which is good for spare money, cards and receipts. There is a long, gold chain strap with a leather shoulder pad area which is really nice and adds a lovely touch to the bag. It is removable as well so if you just want it as a clutch you can remove the strap. I find this aspect really useful because it means you can go straight from day to night without changing bags. At the back of the bag the gold Ted Baker logo is written as well as being engraved around the gold strap holes; this is also inside the bag. Finally, you also receive a small black tag to represent the genuine leather.

Overall I am absolutely over the moon with this bag! There isn't one thing I would change about it and I couldn't love it any more than I already do! It was a very high end and expensive purchase at £118(sale price). There are three different colour variations in the bag; grey, black and navy. The original price is £169 which is a lot but it is definitely worth it!

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