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Catrice Lip Glow

I have seen lots of people talk about the Dior Lip Glow which is a lip balm that enhances the natural lip colour but this is £24 and I am not prepared to spend that on a lip balm so I decided to go on the hunt for a dupe. I saw someone talk about the Catrice Lip Glow and that it was almost identical to the Dior one and I knew I had to get it! Catrice is a brand that isn’t that easily accessible in the UK in stores but I know they have it in Ireland because when I was over there I saw a big stand in Penney’s and some of the products looked really intriguing and very affordable! The Catrice Lip Glow has pretty much the same description as the Dior one as it claims to intensify the natural lip colour tinting them with a subtle pink. The colour varies depending on the individual pH value of the lips. So it is a colour adapting lip balm.

The packaging is gorgeous! It comes in a metallic pink tube which is covered in the silver Catricelogo. This does not look or feel like a drugstore product whatsoever because the quality is amazing. It’s quite heavy and hard wearing so if you drop it, it won’t break and it just feels great! The base has ‘Catrice’ engraved into it and the lip balm itself is an opaque pale pink colour with the logo on it also. At the very bottom it has a clear sticker which says ‘Colour Intensifier & Care’, ‘Tinted Lip Glow Balm’ and ‘One Shade Fits All’. I really love the design and packaging of this because it looks and feels very luxury and it does not feel like I’m using a drugstore product at all so for the packaging, 10 out of 10!

Of course as this is a colour adapting lip balm the things that I might be describing could be completely different to what you would say but everything looks different on different skin tones and types so this is purely based on my personal experience as always! I’ll talk about the concept and the actual product first before I get onto the colour! I have very chapped and dry lips so I always need something in my bag like a lip balm because if not they just look and feel awful! The thing that really intrigued me about this was that it was a balm and colour in one so I wouldn’t need to have a lip balm and a lipstick because this would cater for both which was really handy! This applies really smoothly and just hydrates my lips really well. The finish is quite glossy but it doesn’t exaggerate the dryness and gets rid of the horrible, chapped look. It moisturises my lips and gives them such a healthy glow which I haven’t found anything to do this before! When you apply the balm, it goes on just like any regular lip balm, clear, and then after a few seconds it transforms into this light pinky shade. After completely changing it turns into this bright, medium pink on me and it is so gorgeous! It is quite bright but because it isn’t a lipstick, I can get away with wearing it everyday. The finish is quite glossy after initial application. Because this is a balm I expected it to wear off after around an hour but how wrong was I?! The glossy effect dries down after a while and leaves a stain behind on the lips which is quite a deep cerise pink but because it acts as a stain it looks really natural and it is almost a ‘my lips but better’ shade. Through eating and drinking, this balm does not come off! It stays all day without applying more throughout and it is just an amazing product! I find that I don’t even have to reapply it but sometimes if I want to get that glossy finish back I will and this deepens the colour.

Well, the Catrice Lip Glow has truly shocked me and I am completely overwhelmed with how great it actually is! The lasting power, the colour and just everything about it is great! Another thing I love about it is that it is universally flattering. No matter what skin tone you have, this will work because it just enhances your natural lip colour and moisturises the lips at the same time. This is a great alternative to the Dior Lip Glow and I just love it! It is good quality, affordable and great to through in your bag. I would really recommend this to everyone and for £5.30 you really can’t go wrong! Compared to £24, you are saving almost £20! Think of how many more Catrice products you could get for that! This is available for just £5.30 on Beautyspin and Beautyspin US.

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